At Joe Ross Financial, and through MGA Benefits, we have access to plans for the small one person business, to the large corporation. We promote and represent all major insurance carriers and guarantee competitive rates along with unparalleled service.

Doing business in todays professional and business world demands that employers invest in their employees. Group insurance can help you attract and retain employees, and help minimize the costs associated with high employee turnover.

An employee benefits program can also:
Improve morale and contribute to increased productivity by providing added financial security to employees and their dependents.
Provide employees with a guaranteed level of coverage without medical evidence (groups of five or more).
Give you the flexibility to reward key groups of employees with specialized benefits.
Allow you to deduct employer-paid premiums from your taxes as a business expense.
Provide you and your employees with coverage at a reduced cost compared to most individual policies.

Types of Employee Benefit Programs:
Group Healthcare
Salary Continuation Program
Healthcare Spending Account
Group Retirement Savings Plans