Visitors and new immigrants are advised to purchase insurance to cover the high cost associated with accident or sickness. One day in hospital can cost $3,000 or more!

Insurance is available for visitors, landed immigrants or returning Canadians waiting for health coverage, or for those on work or student visas. Plans also cover side trips to any country except that of origin. It can be before, after, or during your visit, as long as you spend at least 51% of your coverage period in Canada

If insurance is purchased before arrival in Canada, there will be no waiting period for sickness coverage and in many circumstances, there is coverage during uninterupted flights to and from Canada at no extra charge.

Outline of Coverage:
Treatment by a physician
Standard hospital ward changes
Out-patient charges (ER visits, clinic, doctor's office, etc.)
Private nursing/Home care
Chiropodist, chiropractor, osteopath, podiatrist, physiotherapist, or accupuncturist 
Diagonstic treatment while hospitalized
Emergency transportation
Prescription drugs
Burial and return of remains
Emergency return home
Accidental dental treatment/relief of dental pain
Accidental death/dismemberment

Pre-Existing Conditions
Under 60 years - automatic coverage for pre-existing conditions as long as they have been stable for 180 prior to policy start date
Between 60-85 - complete Medical Declaration to check eligibility for coverage.
86 and over - Pre-existing conditions are not covered.